Sunday, June 29

Around the Hawk: NCAA Football 09 Demo-The Bad Points

Well, after playing the NCAA 09 demo more, I have opened my eyes to discover the bad points to the game. Hey, everything I said in my previous post was true, it's quite the upgrade over last year, but every game has it's downfalls, so here's what I've noticed:

Kicking: The kickers can make 50+ yard field goals with ease. In real college football, this would be an amazing task. Either these kickers are really good in the demo, or the kicking is a little bit too easy. Also, after you do make a field goal, the drive summary will show that you had a much longer drive than you actually had, because for some reason it must add up the distance of the field goal made plus the yards you drove down the field, which is very stupid. Hopefully it was just a glitch in the demo.

The Flags: After a TD is made, and the home team's male cheerleaders are waving the flag, it looks like a tornado is flying by, even though there's less than 2 MPH winds. The flag also looks pretty sketchy. But I'm nitpicking with this point

No Progressive Lighting: By this I mean that the time of day doesn't progress as you play through the game like NCAA 08 did, where it gets darker as the game goes. I really hope that this is just in the demo, but I've heard from many sources saying that the real game won't have the progressive lighting either, which is quite ridiculous. I mean, how in the world can you take that feature out of the game? There are still no referees on the field, no field goal nets, fans are still doing copycat animations next to each other, no training staff after a player is injured, and you're going to take a key feature of realism out of the game? Come on EA. This really frosts my flakes. If anybody out there knows if there truly is or isn't going to be progressive lighting, please let me know. Send me a message via XBox Live. Thanks

Deus Legend had an interesting idea about a halftime show with a marching band. This could be a good idea, however most people would probably just skip it. But any kind of halftime show would be great. My favorite halftime show would have to be from All Pro Football 2K8 where it showed you some of the highlights with the announcers talking about them. Something like this would be great, because it's kind of lame how it just goes straight to the pause screen to start the second half.

If anybody else has any suggestions to make this game better, or would like to continue my list of good and bad points to this game, please comment this post, or feel free to send me a message via XBox Live.
Thanks for tuning in.


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