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Future War: Reborn Review

Mobile video games is something that today are part of our world, it's clear that some people don't like it, but nevertheless, there is a wide range of public that plays that games. Examples of famous games have had many, and always following a kind of fashion, without going further perhaps the first fashion mobile games (smartphone) was Angry Birds, and followed by other games such as Candy Crush and Clash Royale. However as it happens in PC games and consoles, there are great gems that have gone more or less unnoticed, such as the magnificent Monument Valley, in addition, some of these games have been released to console as was the case of the aforementioned Angry Birds.

Unfortunately, there are games that i don't understand why they decide to port to console and Future War Reborn is one of them.


Future War Reborn is not exactly long. When coming directly from mobiles devices,  you don't need 20 hours like  you need, if you want to move forward without the micropayments, etc. As in Xbox One, the game dont have that, in 3 hours, if you are skillful and very patient, you will pass all the phases of the game without problems. It has no online component and the truth is that the game don't present any point of being played more than one time.


In Future War Reborn, you are facing a top view shooter, no more boasting, pure and hard action with complications of double stick: with the left joystick you move, with the right you shoot, the buttons are used for secondary weapons and triggers right and left to use grenades and jump respectively.

The maps are small areas in which you will have to fulfill missions, protect an object, collect others, or survive X time, which are the longest during the game. Each level has 3 submissions and objectives in which you must keep unlocking zones and advance in the game. At the end of the phase, you will be punctuated with the right stars, money and energy that you will use to unlock, improve and use weapons in our benefit, all correct. everything is created for mobile devices.

From here, is when everything is twisted, the prizes are tiny, at the end of a level you get 20, 30, 100 coins and 5, 6, 2 of energy. The use of a secondary weapon can cost you one of the first 48 coins and to use other more special, 4 energy.  The price of improve a weapon, is incresead by 10% every pgrade, so when you are at an advanced level, maybe improve a weapon that literally doesn't do any damage, you should use 1000 coins, for example. If you want to get more, another option is to unlock achievements, in order to have many more rewards.

Although where the difficulty is most noticeable, it's at the bonus level, in which you see progressively in each wave the enemies are harder and I assure you that level 5 of 16 is terribly difficult if not impossible. The mechanics is very frustrating, when the game never offers ammunition "in-game" if you are not subject only to the one you get before entering.

The failures and inconsistencies don't end here. The jump is limited to a maximum number that requires your own rest, the conversations have to be removed by pressing the A button, which makes use of an object that you have assigned (which the game automatically does) accidentally ... and i could continue like this during a few more paragraphs.

Graphics & Design

Future War Reborn is a mobile game, in fact, I have played the version of that device to check if there really are differences in the graphic, and removing the obvious resolution, there is nothing that distinguishes them from each other. It doesn't mean that this is definitely bad, at all, but it would not have been more if they had tried a bit to add some detail in effects or something that a console like Xbox One gives you.

The action of the game is developed in top view so, the detail in the scenarios isn't something that needs to be highlighted, the variety of enemies is enough to not feel that they are repeated, and at least in each or two levels they present you some new enemies, so the feeling of repetition decreases despite the huge number of them.

As for the sound, the main theme sounds good, although the rest of the melodies are quite forgettable, as well as the sound effects that are normal in these games. They recycle some melodies that are repeated in the gameplay and on the menu itself and it seems that it also suffers a bug, probably limited by it's mobile port in which many of the special effects of the sounds disappear between so much battle.


Sometimes, it's better to maintain a Status Quo. At the beginning, i mentioned excellent mobile to PC ports, but sometimes, i see it unnecessary, and if they decide to move forward with that, it's better to invest some more time in fixing certain playable concepts since the console audience is very different from the mobiles games audiences, and more demanding than the one who wants to take a quick game while waiting for the bus.

A company should not stay alone in the minimum effort just for the mere fact of wanting to sell more, because if you don't adapt and care what you want to sell to that audience, it's possible that it happens to you as it has happened in Future War Reborn. I could keep citing those incongruities between playing on the console and phones, which are constantly repeated, but if you get to try it, you will feel it from minute 1.

*Game was provided by the developer/publisher for this review


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