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Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince Review

A scroll, a curse, there are many rumors that revolve around him. Despite this, Hero, the protagonist of this story, decides to take him away in his search for great treasures, but without being aware of what this entails. Luckily, he will not be alone in this adventure, but on his way, he will meet Nulan, a descendant of the tribe that created the symmetry scrolls, skillful in the art of magic. And with Haim, a prince affected by a terrible curse.

Developed by the independent company Gamera Interactive and published by Soedesco, I get an adventure of puzzles in which the importance of trial and error, reaches it's maximum exponent but with a unique touch that makes it special. And in Fearful Symmetry & the Cursed Prince, you will find yourself driving the same characters between two parallel dimensions, one in the real world, and the other in a desolate and dark mute.


The game offers a total of about 25 levels, that you have to repeat them with the 3 different characters that the game offers, taking advantage of the ability of these characters, in each new level. Also, you have 10 secret levels that add life time to the game, where in these new levels, it's difficulty is even greater and adds a little more to the challenge of completing the game.


You will have a total of 25 levels plus a secret one, when you overcome one, you will advance to the next. In each of these levels, you will have a lower entrance and a higher entrance. Having to reach the latter to overcome the level. But it's not so easy, since as i said, you will have the screen divided in two, so if, for example, you move the main character to the right, in the dark world it will move to the left, having to be aware of each time of the two screens since it will not be worth to be aware of just one, having traps in one that maybe in the other are not. What a mess, isn't it?

However, the gameplay is very simple, since you will only use the stick to move, plus a button to use an ability of the two unlockable characters, one of them has the ability to go back in time, and the other of a dash to overcome a whole square and be able to avoid a trap. What you will have to use the most is your wit, taking several things into account and playing with the scenario in your favor. And one, and which personally takes me to realize, is that if one of the characters is stick to a wall, the other will move, can position it in a more useful to reach the goal, or to operate some pedal that you clear a trap of the real world to help the other character to reach the door of the end.

But as i said at the beginning of this review, the most important factor is the trial and error, having to repeat on several occasions the scenarios to memorize where an arrow will come from the wall or in the dark world a hand of a zombie or a ghost that can catch you. Once you have memorized the scenario, you can try to do it in a row.

With all this, in Fearful Symmetry & the Cursed Prince, you find yourself facing a fun game, which will make you angry, but it will also make you want to try it again and again, and overcome the level that threatens you so much to leave the game, not having no time the feeling of throwing away the $9.99, that the title costs, being a game for moments in which the time to play other games of longer duration is rather scarce.

Graphics & Duration

As for it's graphic section, the title has a nice drawing and design for the characters, however the scenarios, despite keeping the same style of 16 bits, don't hide much detail, being quite monotonous in this regard, although it's not what is wanted by the developers, but rather all of the above.

Musically speaking, i don't find something good or bad, as there will only be a shy melody for when you are choosing the level, and a beautiful music but in the end, it's heavy medieval style tavern, which once heard by each and every level , you will not want to listen to it anymore, in my case, I'll finish by lowering the volume.


Fearful Symmetry & the Cursed Prince, is a great puzzle proposal in which trial and error is the main premise. Two screens, two characters, and only one stick is the only thing you will almost have at your disposal to overcome the difficult levels in which your ingenuity, will be the greatest tool. A different proposal that despite the lack of variety, will squeeze the coconut and get, with few resources, manages to hook. For a price of  $9.99, he gets what he promises.

*Game was provided by the developer/publisher for this review


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