Tuesday, July 12

VideoBall Preview

VIDEOBALL, developed by Action Button Entertainment, is a sports game for everyone. Videoball is a two-dimensional hybrid of air hockey and soccer on a single screen. Players form two teams and each player uses a controller with an analog stick and a button to control triangle-shaped avatars that shoot projectiles. The object of the game is to knock a circular ball into the opposing team's endzone. Players hold the button to charge a shot, which fires upon release. The projectile can propel the ball, block other projectiles, and incapacitate opponents.The projectile becomes more powerful with the length of time the button is held: projectiles can then range from ineffective to effective to "a slam" that can propel the ball across the full screen. If held for an additional second, the fourth level of a charged shot places a defensive square barrier. A charge cannot be held forever. Games last an average of four minutes, though they can last several times more. The game is visualized in all solid, bright colors and basic shapes.

The game supports up to six human or artificial intelligence players in local and online multiplayer. Videoball also has ranked matchmaking multiplayer mode.

-Online: Compete in exhibition or ranked VIDEOBALL in solo or team modes
-Customizable: Various arenas, color palettes, music tracks, and backgrounds
-Local: Adjust ball count, time limit, and point values to design your own rule set

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

VIDEOBALL releases on the Xbox Store on July 13th for $9.99

For more information on VIDEOBALL, check out the official website: http://videoball.net/


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