Friday, July 22

Dungeon Punks Preview

Dungeon Punks, developed by Hyper Awesome Entertainment is a 1 to 3 player arcade style brawler and role-playing game with a unique tag-team fighting system, set in a fantasy world of magic, mystery, and corporate greed. Recruit a crew of six mutant heroes who will blast your enemies senseless with their crazy magical spells and combo attacks. Real-time party play allows you to take control of any of the heroes fighting alongside you at any time. And even better, you can have a buddy or two tap in and join you on your adventure! The action is fast, the spells are furious, and total mayhem is bound to break loose every time you play.

-Adventure solo, or with up to 3 players
-Challenge your friends to a Brawl in any of the eleven different 2-3 player Battle Arenas
-Recruit six mutant heroes, from Werewolf spellcaster to Lizardman warrior
-Explore twelve stunning areas, each with epic boss battles
-Tame and ride giant monsters
-Discover an unusual fantasy world of magic, mystery, and corporate greed
-Experience over twelve hours of story-driven mayhem in Adventure Mode
-Blast your enemies senseless with crazy magical spells and custom combo attacks
-Challenge yourself further with New Game Plus Mode

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Dungeon Punks releases on the Xbox Store on July 26th for $14.99

For more information on Dungeon Punks, check out the official website:


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