Monday, June 27

The Technomancer Preview

The Technomancer, developed by Spiders, is an Action/RPG game set on Mars, a barren wasteland that is home to the forgotten children of Earth. On the surface, warring corporations such as Aurora and Abundance fight wars from their massive domed cities for one resource: water. Underground, hidden between the crags and unexplored valleys, are the mutants permanently changed by the sun's radiation and hated by the rest of humankind. To make matters worse, the Vory and the ASC have been aggressively expanding their reach over the common man.

It will take approximately 20 hours to complete the main campaign, with an additional 10 to 15 extra hours should you decide to participate in the side quests.

Your powers as a Technomancer makes you a powerful ally, but an even stronger asset. Factions will try to persuade you to do their bidding, or you may even find use in them. Whatever your choices are and whichever path you take, your fate is tied to the fate of Mars.

-Instantly switch between combat stances to tackle different enemies
-Spend skill points to tweak skills and trances so that upgrades work across all weapons
-Exploration yields materials, materials yield equipment, equipment yields exploration.
-Your entire team benefits from crafting; all armor can be shared between you and them
-Maximize your play style by finely-tuning all of your customizable equipment
-Create explosives and health packs to aid you in dire situations
-Allies can upgrade your Talents, improving your science, crafting, lockpicking, etc.
-Unique story-arcs unlock abilities, change attitudes, and provide insights to the main story

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

The Technomancer releases on the Xbox Store on June 28th for $59.99

For more information on the Technomancer, check out the official website:


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