Wednesday, June 29

The Banner Saga 2 Preview

The Banner Saga 2, developed by Stoic is an epic, story-based, role-playing game continues its emotional journey across a breaking world. Bold leadership decisions, wise use of resources, and skillful battle tactics are vital to ensure your viking clans make it through alive. Experience what took the indie gaming world by storm in Banner Saga 2!

-The epic Viking saga continues on – beautifully 2D hand drawn combat sequences and animations are further enhanced with special effects
-Player choice that continues to drive your narrative – your story continues based on choices made in the first game as well as hard choices you have to make in this one.
-New Characters and a New Race – continue your epic journey interacting with new characters and a new race, the Horseborn.
-Improved Strategic combat with consequences – improved, more strategic battle boards enhance combat and permanent loss of characters will still weigh heavy on your mind long after the battle is over.
The journey is as important as battle – your role in building and managing your caravan as you travel the vast landscape is critical to not only your own survival but the survival of an entire civilization.

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

The Banner Saga 2 releases on the Xbox Store on July 1st for $19.99, however will be free for Gold Members for the month on July

For more information on The Banner Saga 2, check out the official website:


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