Monday, April 18

XBLN Live Review Launches Today!

We are launching a new show where we will review games live on our Twitch stream. The new show is called LIVE REVIEW! This new show is the next generation of gaming reviews where you can see us actually play and review the game. Also during the show a written review will also be created and posted right here on our site. You will be able to see our whole review process LIVE! Also, the game creators can join us live during the review and hang out in our Twitch chat during the stream. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our website when the show is Live! Don't worry if you miss the show, it will be uploaded in its entirely to our YouTube channel so you can watch whenever you want. For our inagural edition of LIVE REVIEW, we will feature Gear Gauntlet and Skyling: Garden Defense.

Here is our review guidelines we will use for our reviews:

Game Overview(We will tell you what the game is about, info from our preview article)
Improvements(What we think would make the game better)
Score(Based on 10 point system)


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