Monday, April 18

Gear Gauntlet Review

 Gear Gauntlet is a 2D side scroller game developed by Drop Dead Interactive.

Here are some of the features:
Fast, intense, action guaranteed to keep you on edge.
4 Gauntlets with 10 unique levels.
Hand drawn watercolor art style.
80+ global / friends leaderboards to track best times and scores.

+ Addictive gameplay
+Well thoughtout level designs
+Presents a great challenge
+Fluid Gameplay
+Will make you rage!

-More Levels
-Timing of enemy gear cogs can be off that forces you to restart level and no way around them
-Repetitive soundtrack

Although Gear Gauntlet is a great game these minor improvements will make it better. Add more variation in levels or add different cog enemy types. Find a way to add either coop or head to head competitive modes to the game.



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