Tuesday, April 19

Pang Adventures Preview

Pang Adventures is are remake of the arcade series from the early 90s. Guide two brothers on a quest around the world to save humankind from a massive alien invasion!

Pang Adventures features:
2 Player Local Co-op
3 Game Modes: Tour Mode: Fight back the alien forces, one location at a time! Score Attack: Save the world with only 3 lives and NO CONTINUES! Panic Mode: Bust balls like a legend! 99 levels of continuous battle will put your skills to the ultimate test! Battle in more than 100 levels such as Antarctica, Scotland, Death Valley, Bora Bora
Gear include machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers, and shurikens
Boss fights!

Pang Adventures launches on the Xbox Store 4/19

Watch our video preview embedded above!

For more information about the developer, check out their website http://www.dotemu.com/en


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