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XBLN DiRT 3 Review

Today here on XBLN, we are reviewing, DiRT 3. This game was released in the US on May 24th. DiRT 3 is an off-road racing game developed by Codemasters. Codemasters is a very experienced studio in the racing genre and created games like TOCA Race Driver and GRID. Codemaster have been working on Colin McRae Rally series since 1998. DiRT 3 has several race types however, it is mainly focused on the rally discipline, a point-to-point motorsport that takes place on a variety of surfaces including dirt, pavement, gravel and snow.

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New Features

DiRT 3 has three times as many rally races and twice as much track distance as DiRT 2. DiRT 3 has 59 tracks with 100+ different routes. The game features a lot more rally racing as Codemasters brought the rally modes back to focus. Improved weather effects such as snow racing and heavy rain, which through our play through was the most enjoyed change, make an appearance. After each race, you have the option of uploading right to youtube to show your friends some crashtastic action.The damage modeling in the game is pretty good Smash into a tree and your car will be totaled. But don't worry, you can use a flashback to rewind the race back and try that tough corner again. The single player is basically going through the DiRT Tour playing a variety of events similar to the events from DiRT 2 and a similar structure. All in all, the game has lots of variety with the tracks, race types and cars. Fans of all rally disciplines will not be disappointed in this games variety.

DiRT 3 Multiplayer!

DiRT 3 includes eight-player online multiplayer. All career disciplines are available online, there are also be party modes available to play as well. There are four new Jam Session party modes which include Transporter, Invasion, Outbreak, and Cat and Mouse.
  • Transporter is a variation of Capture the Flag where you steal the flag from other players by ramming into them.
  • Invasion is a mode where both building and alien cutouts teleport into the stage and you get points for destroying aliens and lose points for destroying buildings.
  • Outbreak is an infection mode where one player starts with the disease and everyone else gets a few seconds to hide. The infected player then rams his opponents to spread the disease. Get points for infecting everyone or for escaping the entire round.
  • Cat & Mouse is a unique mode between two four-player teams. One player on each team pilots a Mini Cooper and the remaining cars drive more powerful rally vehicles. The first team who can successfully get their mini to the finish line wins.  
The multiplayer team racer is the best especially when you have 3 other friends to race with and take on other teams. Online, you also get a online rep and fans as well. You get race objectives online and level up your rep to count offline as well.

If you like racing games at all, DiRT 3 will suite your needs and provide you with hours of entertainment and fun.


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