Tuesday, May 10

What Microsoft Skype Purchase Means For XBL?

 As many of you know, Microsoft recently acquired Skype, everyone's favorite video messaging service. Microsoft agreed to hand over $8.5 billion to capture the voice and video online calling company Skype. Skype currently has over 300 million user worldwide. Not only will this purchase help boost Microsoft's portfolio of properties but will add some new features to several Microsoft properties including our very own Xbox Live. What will this acquisition do for Xbox Live users you may ask? This can help add new features and connect you to various users around the world. With the Kinect and Live Vision camera video capabilities, Microsoft can add new connectivity with Skype and link you with anyone. You want to talk to grandma from the couch, just log into Xbox Live and start up a chat with her and she can be on the computer or even use her phone. Basically in terms of Xbox Live, the main real use will be the video chat features. Although we already have Live Messenger and a Xbox Video Chat already, we can get integration in all these tools and have a more all-in-one entertainment experience. Don't expect any changes anytime soon as it will take a while to get Skype fully integrated with Microsoft's software. But in the future, Skype features will be used on virtually every entertainment device known.


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