Monday, January 4

NFL Picks: Week 17 Results / Wild Card Picks

Hello and welcome back to NFL Picks.

Here's the standout picks from Week 17:
  • EVERYONE'S CORRECT picks: Chicago and Minnesota.
  • BlazenHawks was the only one to pick both Indianapolis and New Orleans wrong in their respective games.
  • xxInspirationxx was the only one to go for the 2 point conversion with the St. Louis Rams over San Francisco, but got it wrong.
  • Deus Legend and BlazenHawks were the only ones to pick the Washington Redskins wrong.
  • Jerhawk was the only one to pick his Seattle Seahawks, but got it wrong.
  • Jerhawk, BlazenHawks and JohnnyX77 got the 2 point conversion with the Kansas City Chiefs CORRECT after they took down the Denver Broncos. That's the second (and only) 2 point conversion game picked correctly this season, both games against the Broncos (the Raiders were the first).
Our results from Week 17 alone:

T1.) Deus Legend / 13
T1.) Stopable / 13
3.) JohnnyX77 / 12
T4.) Jerhawk / 11
T4.) KnightnBattle10 / 11
6.) BlazenHawks / 10
7.) xxInspirationxx / 9

DNP: JRC865, Finch865, IronHorse1995

Our PowerRankings at the end of the regular season BEFORE the divisional winners are added in:

1.) KnightnBattle10 / 175
2.) Stopable / 171
3.) JohnnyX77 / 168
4.) Deus Legend / 163
T5.) Jerhawk / 161
T5.) BlazenHawks / 161
7.) xxInspirationxx / 152
8.) JRC865 / 133
9.) IronHorse1995 / 113
10.) Finch865 / 46

The results of our Divisional Winners made at the beginning of the regular season which were worth 5 bonus points each. The only people listed are those who got the pick CORRECT:

NFC West (Arizona Cardinals): Deus Legend, Stopable, KnightnBattle10, JRC865, JohnnyX77, Finch865
NFC North (Minnesota Vikings): Deus Legend, KnightnBattle10
NFC East (Dallas Cowboys): JRC865, IronHorse1995
NFC South (New Orleans Saints): BlazenHawks, Stopable, xxInspirationxx, JRC865
AFC West (San Diego Chargers): Everybody but Jerhawk
AFC North (Cincinnati Bengals): Nobody
AFC East (New England Patriots): Everybody
AFC South (Indianapolis Colts): BlazenHawks, KnightnBattle10, xxInspirationxx, JRC865

1.) JRC865 / 30
2.) KnightnBattle10 / 25
T3.) Deus Legend / 20
T3.) BlazenHawks / 20
T3.) Stopable / 20
T3.) xxInspirationxx / 20
T7.) JohnnyX77 / 15
T7.) IronHorse1995 / 15
T7.) Finch865 / 15
10.) Jerhawk / 5

Now our official overall PowerRankings AFTER the divisional winners have been added in, presented this week by the motion picture Sherlock Holmes. In theaters now!

1.) KnightnBattle10 / 200
2.) Stopable / 191
T3.) Deus Legend / 183
T3.) JohnnyX77 / 183
5.) BlazenHawks / 181
6.) xxInspirationxx / 172
7.) Jerhawk / 166
8.) JRC865 / 163
9.) IronHorse1995 / 128
10.) Finch865 / 61
11.) Castortroy4206 / 8

Here's the latest on our SuperBowl picks. Those with a (10) were ones made at the beginning of the season worth 10, the ones with a (5) were made in Week 10 after being changed. JohnnyX77's will be worth 3 since he changed his late.

Jerhawk: Minnesota Vikings (5) / Still Alive (1st round bye)
Deus Legend: Indianapolis Colts (5) / Still Alive (1st round bye)
BlazenHawks: Indianapolis Colts (5) / Still Alive (1st round bye)
Stopable: Philadelphia Eagles (10) / Still Alive (vs. Cowboys)
KnightnBattle10: Pittsburgh Steelers (10): Eliminated before playoffs
xxInspirationxx: New England Patriots (10): Still Alive (vs. Ravens)
JRC865: New England Patriots (10): Still Alive (vs. Ravens)
JohnnyX77: New Orleans Saints (3): Still Alive (1st round bye)
IronHorse1995: Dallas Cowboys (10): Still Alive (vs. Eagles)
Finch865: Philadelphia Eagles (10): Still Alive (vs. Cowboys)

The Wild Card matchups. Please have your picks in by kickoff of the particular game you're choosing for. These will be worth 2 points per game:

N.Y. Jets @ Cincinnati

Philadelphia @ Dallas

Green Bay @ Arizona

Baltimore @ New England

Thanks everyone, and have fun watching the games!


  1. Wild Card:

    N.Y. Jets

  2. Here are my picks
    NY Jets
    Green Bay

  3. Here are my picks:

    Here are my picks:

    Green Bay

  4. KnightnBattle10


    If I can change my SB team and get anywere from 1-3 points for it? Minnesota

  5. Bengals
    Green bay

  6. i cant pick the bengals jets game because its too late but here are the rest of my picks

    new england
    green bay

  7. k thank u for your honesty inspiration. knightnbattle, sorry but its too late to repick for the superbowl the steelers were already eliminated


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