Wednesday, January 6

Chromehound Servers: Farewell

Chromehound's servers are officially down as of today. Chromehounds was an early release in 2006 and gained some positive ground because of the lack of 360 games on the market. With the game showing its age, it comes to no surprise the game's servers would be going down. Featuring strategy gameplay and a great game for buddies to come on Live and play, it is indeed sad for this game to go.

Farewell Chromehounds, you will indeed be missed.



  1. Chromehounds had a great concept but it was poorly executed. The game was also too hard to play. I hope if they make a new Mechassault, they take the online war idea Chromehounds had.

  2. No, it was an awesome game, its online gameplay was INSANE! it failed because Sega FAILED to give it press, NO-ONE knew it existed, out of all the people i ever told about the game, everyone that tryed it loved it, it game awesome chances to custimize your mech, with difrent battle roles, the game was designed for online play and it was the best online game in my opion, and i play CODMW2 and Halo 3. I hope SEGA co. Dies in a ball of flaming crap and sells the chromehounds rights to save them self and someone else makes a the sequal with PRESS to back it


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