Thursday, December 17

Fired Up! Gamer Privacy

When somethings are public, they are public for everybody to see without you "asking" for it. When things are private, they are private and if the person don't give you the information, you go no further.

Privacy was the hot topic this week on XBLN and it is very important to respects people privacy and know your boundaries. Some private things can include a persons name, photos of them, and other information not "given" to you. When the private boundaries are breached, some bad things can happen. Here's a question for all of you, can you trust a person that obtains information about you and go out searching for more information about you without you knowing or giving them permission to?

Friendships are all about trust. If you do anything that can break that trust field, then you are seriously jeopardizing the friendship.

If you find out a persons name then fine. Don't go out searching on google, countless people finders, myspace, or facebook trying to find out more about the person without 1) The persons permission 2) Definately don't do this crime behind a persons back without them knowing 3) Don't get busted while you are doing it. And yes, there is a way to find if someone if searching you on the internet.

So to all gamers out there, be careful about who you give your information out to. For starters, it's against Xbox Live's Policy to give out personal information. It is also against pretty much any online mediums policy to give out such information. With all of the identity theft situations and the prominence of it during this recession, how and why would you give such information anyway? You have to keep yourself safe online. Protect your identity because it is the only thing you have on this earth. Its okay if you know the person you are talking to personally and have met them. But to give such information to a stranger, is just strange.

So back to the original question. I would say no because, you simply can't trust a stranger with your information obtained beyond your will. It's a very uncomfortable situation. I suggest if such situation happens to you, just distance yourself from all communication with the person.

So "TRY' to keep yourself safe out there gamers and just play!


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