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Fired Up! The First Show: MW2 Over Hyped?

Hello, Deus Legend here bring you all yet another show here on XBLN. This show will be called Fired Up! where we rant about random topics in the Xbox world. In this edition, I will get Fired Up! about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Was MW2 one of the most hyped games in the history of gaming? Every store you go into would have banners all over, multiple commercials, pre-order bonuses, and etc. But, was it really worth all of the hype, time, and effort for this game?

After about a good month of playing MW2, I can say that the single player experience in MW2 was top notch and was well worth the roller coaster ride. Then there is the co-op in the game which was also fun and provided a way for friends to team up for random missions. So far, the non-multiplayer portion of MW2 was worthwhile but what about the multiplayer?

Basically in a nutshell, the multiplayer for MW2 is almost the same as MW1. We get new perks, maps, etc. The one thing that is really bringing this game down are the random miscues in the multiplayer. Every once in a while too often, we get the situations where you have a person get shot up so much that you should get credit for two kills instead of one. Or when you are shooting at a guy and they just turn around and give you a nice knife in the face when they should have been dead 5 seconds beforehand. How about the guys that run around in games with the double shot guns stabbing people over and over again til days end? One thing I would like addressed in this game, is how can a guy survive when you are: 1)Shooting them first right in the head, or 2)You somehow miss with a knife but the guy you are trying to knife just turns around and knife you instead.

Another big deal in the game is the camping. Something that has plagued all FPS games online in the past is present in a very unpleasant way in MW2. I have played a lot of FPS game online and I have to say the MW is the worst where you can have a guy sit in a corner the whole game and get like 25 kills and 3 deaths. It happens in every multiplayer game I play in. It is almost like this game encourages camping a lot of times. Especially playing the Granddaddy of them all for camping, Team Hardcore. Just last night, I was playing a hardcore game and every round this group of guys would just sit and camp. I managed to infiltrate their "camp" and they literally had every angle covered. The camping is a real "Buzz Kill" for this game.

One thing I am trying to figure out, but is this game confused? Is it a tactical or an arcade shooter? From my point of view, this game is leaning towards being an arcade shooter. With all the little perks and such we get in the game, none of that is realistic. Tactical shooters are straight up without all of the little fancy perks and unrealistic uses of gadgets.

If Infinity Ward or whoever makes the next "Modern Warfare", one thing they need to figure out is balance. In MW2, who will win in this battle? A guy with a knife or a guy with an M16? If you said M16, you were wrong. On several occasions, you shoot a guy pointblank in the head with a gun and the guy with the knife somehow swoops in and gets a knife kill on you. How could this happen you may ask? Only Infinity Ward knows for the lack of balance they included with the game. Several game companies have struggled with balance in games but MW2 is one of the most unbalanced games out there.

So back to the original question of this whole ordeal, was MW2 the most over hyped game in history? Simply put, yes. You can argue all you want about it and believe otherwise, but nothing can hide the obvious flaws in this game. The flaws are really bringing down all the good in the game. No, I do not disagree with all the praise the game has received from sites like IGN and GameInformer but, those places will not bring the bad in a game like this. For starters, they do not play the games online against all forms of people. They play in small office settings where all the guys from every big site get together and play before the games release to write up a nice candy review of the game.

There is nothing that can be taken away from this game but the negatives at this point in the games short one month life. The negatives have definitely outweighed the positives. There are better games out there to accommodate your time, money, and energy. This game has fallen short of all the hype it has received from the media a lot of you fall victim of. You can try to believe otherwise but, you have to be in denial to believe the flaws are anything but what they are.

We would like to see what our fellow gamers have to say. Please leave your comments on this subject matter.

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  1. This game isnt that bad, sure it was overhyped, but what game normally isnt hyped up more than necessary? I have none of the problems that were mentioned here, so the game was ENTIRELY worth it for me. :D

  2. The weak die in thier spawn and the versatile get the W. As humans we have been able to conquer many things through Adaptation.

  3. This game suffers from split gaming personality disorder.

  4. i agree with the author of the post. this game was too overhyped and i get very upset trying to play the online. the players who like this game are just the ones that sit and camp, and the ones that dont like the game are the ones that just want to have fun

  5. I agree with everything this guy said but there is one thing he has missed.

    Firstly I will agree with the fact that the campaign mode has yet again proved to be brilliant and I can have nothing to complain about, co op is also fun.

    The online play is a massive let down, but not for the gameplay or anything like that, my problem is with the choice of guns being far less than that which is in the campaign and the map choice and rotation. Since starting the game the only maps I have played on are Sub Base, Rooftop, Estate, Shanty Town, that one with the snow, afghanistan, scrapyard and Skid Row (plus a couple of others). I know listing them makes it look like a lot more but for me this is not enough considering the bollocks choice of guns. There isn't enough improvement upon the last game to warrant any of the hype and think that all changes could have quite easily been provided in a game add-on for download in the marketplace.
    Overall I think the maps are shit and too open with not enough decent sniper spots and after playing the campaign mode I was left wondering what could have been if they had made just a small bit of effort more on the online area of the game (the part that most people buy the game for!)
    One thing I won't be investing in is the map pack as I believe that they should have got it right the first time around without charging for the extras.
    Thank God MAG is out for the PS3 and is a free BETA download. If you want decent maps then this is a must for any online console player!
    Hope I filled the gaps and I'm more than happy for you to cast your judgement!

  6. Oh quick correction when I said "been provided as a game add-on" I meant as a game add-on for MW1.


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