Sunday, October 11

NBA Live 10 Review

Welcome back to another edition of Reviewing with Blazen. In this edition, I am going to be reviewing NBA live 10, the newest game for the NBA live series made by EA sports.

Originally, the NBA Live series was released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and SNES with NBA Live 95. The naming was changed from utilizing the last two digits of the year to the entire year number from 2000-2005, but returned to the original naming convention with NBA Live 06.The Create-A-Player feature was not available in the 1995 versions of the game, but have been a mainstay since NBA Live 96. NBA Live 98 in 1997 was the last NBA Live game for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the SNES. NBA Live 98 also was the first NBA Live series game to support 3Dfx graphic cards. Only first generation Voodoo and Voodoo Rush cards were officially supported. Starting from NBA Live 2000, the series featured NBA Live Legend All-Stars Teams, which included some biggest names from five decades (50s to 90s). These teams could be used instantly, but to use the players as regular players (e.g. traded, played on regular NBA Teams) they needed to be unlocked. Along the series, some of the rosters were changed due to many reasons.NBA Live 2005 brought the addition of the Slam Dunk Contest, and Rookie Challenge. NBA live was released October 6TH, 2009.

In NBA Live 10, audiences are given a bigger role to create more lifelike atmospheres, while teams are given their individual playing style with faster running animations that take into account player size. Passing and shooting has also been improved by adding new controls and features. A new training facility called "The Hangar" will be included as well. There have been many improvements to the details of the players including their tattoos, hair, shoes, uniforms, signature shots, and moves. It has also been revealed that Dynamic DNA, introduced in NBA Live 09, has been improved. The presentation is so cool how they have Lebron James' powder, and Howards pre-game jumping and shooting.

New to online is you can play up to 10 players on 5 player teams. This is a cool feature you can just play. The bad part about it is that it lags when you get that many people. The regular online when you are playing someone is just like NBA live 09 people know how to cheat and they just play with one play they don’t know how to spread the ball around. When playing in regular season, this gives you a challenge the computer is a lot smarter. Thought there are some things that still need to be fixed. Such as the computer can still drive on you in the hole but when you try to do it, you get striped. The rebounding can be awkward sometimes, where you are right in front of the ball but you don’t get it. Also when you get to the playoffs, the game changes. The AI gets harder and the fans are more into it so for this game.

I am going to give a solid
I would recommend that you just rent this game. Thank you for reading this review.


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