Monday, October 26

3rd Person Mode in Modern Warfare 2?

Someone seems to of gotten a copy of Modern Warfare 2 early for PS3 and they have been live streaming it to the public. Something interesting in this video is that its played completely in third person and looks like it is not spectator or anything of the sorts. Could this be the big secret Infinity Ward has been talking about?

It seems it is true according to a screenshot someone took of the game modes screen, hit the break to see the picture and a list of game modes. It is in another language but the users on the Infinity Ward forums were quick to translate it.

team deathmatch
ground war
HQ Pro
Search and destroy
capture the flag
3rd person team deathmatch
hardcore team deathmatch
hardcore Search and destroy
teamdeathmatch ...(cant read) (maybe something like team tactical)
cage match 3rd person


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