Sunday, February 8

The XBLN Awards Show (Final Part)

Welcome back! Our show was temporarily cancelled due to low ratings, but we're back to give you, the viewer, the last part of our show! Here it goes:

Game with best DLC Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: Rock Band/Rock Band 2

Jerhawk's Take: Rock Band has amazing DLC with songs available every week for a very affordable price.

Best Create-a-Character Game Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: Tiger Woods 09

Jerhawk's Take: Year in and year out, Tiger Woods continues to outshine every game in the create-a-character department.

Game with best control layout Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: Halo 3

Jerhawk's Take: This game is very easy to learn in terms of controls. Nothing too over-complicated about it.

Most frustrating game Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: NBA 2k9

Jerhawk's Take: Stopable was a witness to my wrath of anger when I was playing NBA 2k9. The game which I rented was thrown across the room.

Poor Sporsmanship Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: Jerhawk

Jerhawk's Take: I am a crybaby, I get extremely frustrated and angry at basically every game that I play. I am a very poor sport.

Best Sportmanship Award/The Big Controller:

Jerhawk's Winner: Antman0317

Jerhawk's Take: This guy just doesn't care. Win or lose this man continues to play with a smile on his face. Congradulations Antman0317, you deserve it!

Thanks for watching out three part awards show. Join us next year and we'll do it again!


  1. 1. Rock Band

    just cuz you can get some cool song every week

    2. Saints row 2

    you get 2 creat a player in the beging to own the streets

    3. uno
    wuth uno all you have to pres is 2 buttons

    4. NBA 09 and madden

    so many people cheat in these games and every time i loss i am so angry i want to throw my controller at the wall

    5. Jerhawk and myself

    w\e get really mad when we loss and i can only speak fro my self i dont want to talk to any when i am made

    6. antman0317

    he is the best all he wants to do is have fun win or loss and its fun to play with him


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