Monday, February 2

NFL Picks: Super Bowl XLIII Results / Pro Bowl Picks

The NFL season is over. The Steelers won the Super Bowl, and everyone is looking forward to next season already.

Here's the people who picked the Steelers and got it right:

Deus Legend
JRC 865

Here's who picked the Cardinals and got it wrong:

xSgt MeatLoafx

Finch chose undecided on his ballot.

Our overall PowerRankings following the Super Bowl:

1.) Jerhawk / 184
2.) Stopable / 179
3.) Deus Legend / 171
4.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 161
5.) Flynn4DaWin / 159
6.) JRC 865 / 152
7.) Finch865 / 85
8.) El Bos / 7

Backed by popular demand, we will pick for the Pro Bowl this year!

NFC vs. AFC   (Honolulu, Hawaii)

This game will be worth 3 points, so our NFL Picks is not over yet! Try to run up your score. Thanks!


  1. My Pick: NFC

    The Seahawks got 1 player (Julian Peterson) in the Pro Bowl. Go NFC!! WOO!!

  2. i am picking the AFC

  3. NFC

    Go Michael Turner and Roddy White!


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