Wednesday, January 1

Much Needed Change is Coming

As we enter 2020, we have decided to make a change to our "culture" here on XBLN. We have decided to end our weekly giveaways that have been a staple here the past few years. There will also be a change to our redemption process for our Twitch subs.

So to start, our current giveaway will be the last one we offer on a weekly basis. Giveaways will still occur but, will only be available to our Twitch subs and will not have a set schedule. Other forms of giveaways/raffles will be available in our Discord for our subs as well in the MVP Chat at random times. There will also be raffles during our live streams on Twitch and Mixer at random times, so tune into the streams and be surprised! There may be times we will have a giveaway to offer everyone but, it will not be something that will be regular.

The other change will be related to our 12 month redemption and 200k redemption for subs. The 12 month redemption before was for a random game code we have. Now you will have the option to redeem for any game/games that total under $10 USD or you can see if we have a code for something else in stock to redeem for. For the 200k redemption, it worked in the same manner as the 12 month redemption. Now that will change to 400K and you can redeem for any game/games under $10 USD. The new 12 month redemption will apply for 36+ Month redemptions(Anyone below this will get a random game).

Please understand that these changes have to occur as we look to build a future here that does not revolve around "giveaways and raffles". Team XBLN are looking to build a different and better community for everyone and this is the start. We look forward to 2020 and beyond with our supporters. We appreciate everyone's support of XBLN.


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