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One Eyed Kutkh Review

If you thought that only humans suffered vehicle mishaps, think again. It turns out aliens are just as prone to hardware malfunctions during inter-planetary travels. In One Eyed Kutkh, players find themselves crash landed on an unknown planet, where they must search for parts to fix their broken spacecraft. Loosely based off of literature from the Far North, One Eyed Kutkh is a unique and brief 
 take on point & click exploring and light puzzle solving.
Kutkh (the pink alien), is controlled indirectly through clicking commands. You are typically given a few choices such as: move left, move right, look, or interact. Buttons may appear odd in screenshots thanks to a hieroglyphic look, but it won't take long to decipher their meaning. Kutkh will move in whichever direction you choose and stop at a predetermined point. You might have to pick up an object and bring it somewhere else or interact with specific people to allow the story to progress. It feels mostly natural as the process of elimination makes it easy to know which direction to take. When you are not commanding Kutkh, players typically use the pointer icon to solve simple puzzles or make decisions. The pointer was easy to move and there was never a problem interacting with buttons. Overall, the controls are well implemented and work as I would expect them to.

The nature of One Eyed Kutkh is exploration, which means there is no combat or any way to really fail. Halfway through the story, players take control of a different character but still find themselves doing the same types of interactions. Our two protagonists will eventually meet and a final decision is made before you reach the ending credits.

One Eyed Kutkh are easily my favorite part of the game. Characters such as Kutkh, the Sun, the Moon and everyone else look incredibly unique and vibrant. Each area has its own distinct design and even some of the background art is interact-able. While relatively simple in concept, these characters and colors really pop. I'm also pleased to note that the game is Xbox One X enhanced as well.

Exploring this foreign planet as our two protagonists will likely be done in one sitting in about roughly one hour. The gameplay flows nicely and it is pretty difficult to get stuck at any point in the game. After playing through One Eyed Kutkh once, a second play through will take roughly half the time. Similar to other games published by Sometimes You, One Eyed Kutkh is a brief experience offered at an ultra-budget price.

One Eyed Kutkh contains 10 achievements for 1000 total Gamerscore. While many of the achievements are tied to progression, there are a handful of missable ones. These include exploring every branch in the tree section, interacting with fish in the background and scaring a furry friend you come across. There are video guides available online and most players can complete the entire list in roughly 30 minutes. 

One Eyed Kutkh is a short and enjoyable experience that I liked much more than I anticipated. I enjoyed how naturally the gameplay flowed and how I never felt confused or frustrated. The art style and character design were a real highlight of the experience. Completing the game from start to finish won't take long, but the enjoyment had and the full Gamerscore earned will leave most gamers and all achievement hunters satisfied.  

*Game was provided for this review

Game: One Eyed Kutkh
Developer: Baba Yaga Games
Publisher: Sometimes You
Genre: Point & Click
Price: $4.99
Size: 605.14 MB
Release date: 3/8/2018
For More Info: One Eyed Kutkh Official Game Website
Download from Microsoft Store


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