Monday, February 20

First Look: Shift Happens

Shift Happens, developed by Klonk Games, is a cooperative platformer for two as you play as the two jello jelly creatures Bismo and Plom. They were connected in a tragic yet funny accident and thus can exchange their size and abilities at will. Welcome to the world of Shift Happen. You and a friend shift your mass, throw each other and puzzle your way through four stages of stylized imaginary worlds. Including the occasional backstabbing and taunting. Play with a friend on a couch, online or even special singleplayer levels.

- Over 40 levels of handcrafted fun
- Local and online co-op gameplay
- Extra challenges/rewards in the levels for completionists and explorers
- More than 30 different levels designed for the singleplayer mode
- 8 unlockable bonuslevels (4 single- & 4 multiplayer)
- And timechallenges for each level

Be sure to check out our First Look Video embedded above!

Shift Happens releases on the Xbox Store on February 22nd

For more information on Shift Happens, check out the official website:


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