Thursday, December 1

First Look: Furi

Furi, developed by The Game Bakers, is an action, ultra-responsive, fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting game. Fight your way free in our frenzied all-boss fighter, and discover what’s waiting behind the last gate. Furi is all about the tension of one-on-one fights against deadly adversaries. It’s an intense, ultra-responsive game with a unique mix of fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting. Each of the formidable guardians —designed by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki— has a unique and surprising combat style that requires focus and skill to defeat.

- You can slash with your sword, shoot with your gun, dodge and parry
- You can also charge the slash attack, the gun shot and the dodge
- There’s no limit to how much you can improve, it’s simple and deep
- The challenges are based on a simple formula: get warned – react – punish
- The depth comes from the differences between the guardians. It’s about how you play a few moves differently to beat a different opponent
- Default difficulty is Furi mode. Beat the game in Furi, and you’ll unlock Furier (hardcore). Beat it in Furier, you’ll unlock a Speedrun mode. There is also an easier mode(which will disable achievements)

Be sure to check out our First Look Video embedded above!

Furi releases on the Xbox Store on December 9th for $19.99

For more information on Furi, check out the official website:


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