Sunday, October 23

First Look: Clustertruck

Clustertruck, developed by LandFall Games, is a platforming game where the player controls a character from a first-person perspective. They are set to jump onto a moving line of trucks, avoiding obstacles and truck pile-ups and crashes. The player is unable to touch anything other than trucks, and will else fail their task of reaching the goal at the end of the level.

On each stage, the player is scored based on how fast they reach a goal line and a number of style points based on various tricks, such as jumping off a truck that is currently in mid-air. The player's cumulative score points can be used to purchase one of several abilities, such as a double jump or a quick boost of speed, which can then be used to either successfully pass more difficult levels or to improve one's time and scoring on earlier ones.

- 90 unique levels
- 9 different worlds
- A campaign mode which gradually gets more difficult
- Unlock new abilities like the Grappling Hook, Truck Cannon and Time-Control!

Be sure to check out our First Look Video embedded above!

Clustertruck releases on the Xbox Store on October 28th for $14.99

For more information on Clustertruck, check out the official website:


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