Wednesday, September 28

Rogue Stormers Preview

Rogue Stormers, developed by Black Forest Games, is a classic run ‘n’ gun game with twin stick shooter mechanics. Game is set in the oil rig city of Ravensdale. A medieval metropolis that went bonkers after the people discovered goop - a raw fluid that provided energy, skin cream, bread spread and powered diesel engines. And it turned the people of Ravensdale into raging, bloodthirsty monsters. Lucky for them they have you, leading a pack of lunatic knights on a killing spree to save the city.

Your goal is to fight and beat the ultimate evil threatening Ravensdale - but in order to beat him, you need to fight your way through 7 increasingly challenging levels. If you die, you'll be back at square one. Earned perks are yours to keep, allowing your character to grow stronger with each new raid.

- Single player mode
- Coop for up to four players local/online co-op
- 5 character classes to decide whether you feel like murdering people with fire or goop or guns
- Procedurally generated levels with random placement of enemies, traps and upgrades for infinite replayability
- Unravel Ravensdale's dark history piece by piece and learn your character’s gruesome history

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Rogue Stormers releases on the Xbox Store on October 7th for $19.99

For more information on Rogue Stormers, check out the official website:


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