Monday, September 26

Axiom Verge Preview

Axiom Verge, developed by Tom Happ, is an action-adventure. After a lab accident, a scientist awakens in a mysterious, alien world. Is this a distant planet? The far future? Or a complex virtual-reality computer simulation?

Learn the secrets of the world and uncover your role within it. Discover tons of weapons, items, and abilities, each with their own unique behaviors and usage that will help you take on biomechanoid constructs.

- Over 40 weapons and tools
- Almost 100 upgrades
- Over 80 creatures
- Almost 1000 rooms

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Axiom Verge releases on the Xbox Store on September 30th for $19.99

For more information on Axiom Verge, check out the official website:


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