Monday, March 28

Organic Panic Preview

Organic Panic is a physics based action puzzle platformer. Organic Panic has fully interactive dynamic fluids and completely destructible levels. Every object and surface has real world properties, break, melt, burn, conduct, douse, and float. Play 1 to 4 magically enhanced fruit and veggies and take on the Meats & Cheese empire! Play with your friends in local Co-op or Versus game modes, and place in the leaderboards.

  •     D.A.F.T. (Destructible and Fluid Technology) - Completely destructible levels with fully interactive dynamic fluids
  •     Over 200 brain twisting levels
  •     Unique physics based puzzles
  •     Game modes include swapzy, morphy, time run including Co-op and Versus
  •     Play 1 to 4 fruit and veggie characters, each with unique skills, powers also play with them together as a team in swapzy and morphy game modes
  •     Local Co-op players can work together as a team to solve and battle their way through levels
  •     Vs Mode adds new powers and manic battles as you pitt your skills against each other
  •     Features a comic book guide in the single player game
 Check out the official website for more information on Organic Panic!!game/cx3w

Also be sure to check out our preview video embedded above. Game releases on Xbox One Store 4/1


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