Friday, December 31

State of the Network Address

State of the Network Address,

Hello XBLN members and guest, as you all have noticed, we have not posted much of anything other than new posts for our NFL Picks Show by Jerhawk. Unfortunately, there will be no more content for our other shows including Total Access, America's Game, Around the Hawk, etc... The only active show for now is NFL Picks as we have to carry out the contract for that show and our sponsors until the NFL season concludes. All other shows as of now are officially canceled. We do apologize to our readers and follows that this has happened. We can no longer provide you guys with the information you want and desire. At some point in the future we may be back and better than ever. But for now, there will be a cooling period of sorts for us to rethink and to revitalize the XBLN image and name. When we return, you guys will not be disappointed. For now, the site will remain active and will be "Here". Until sometime in the future, XBLN is signing off. Feel free to still post comments and participate in the NFL Picks until that show as well is canceled. Again we are sorry we have to go. Maybe in 2011 we will return :-). Happy New Year!

-Deus Legend
XBLN Editor-in-Chief


  1. i wants site back. u guys great. luvs from mexico!!!!


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