Monday, November 8

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is pure over-the-top driving entertainment. The cars and environments are gorgeous, the crashes are spectacular, and the new Autolog feature breathes new life into the time-honored tradition of video game competition among friends. The single-player races can become somewhat repetitive and there are some presentation issues, but overall, Hot Pursuit is a blast. If you’re looking for a high-octane racer that grabs on tight but doesn’t take itself too seriously, give this one a shot.
IGN Ratings for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (X360)
Rating Description
out of 10
8.5 Presentation
The menus aren’t exactly beautiful, but they get the job done. A few gripes here and there, too. No cockpit view? Sadface.
9.0 Graphics
I’ve never seen better-looking environments in a racing game. The scenery shines, the cars are beautiful and everything runs smoothly.
9.0 Sound
Excellent. The engine notes are spot-on, and hearing certain cars is bound to give you chills. Rain, thunder and environment sound are dramatic. Soundtrack is better than I expected.
9.0 Gameplay
The cars are a blast to drive, the crashes never get old, and the races truly come to life. Hot Pursuit just feels good in your hands.
8.5 Lasting Appeal
The career mode gets a bit repetitive after a while, but the brilliant Autolog, online multiplayer and the sheer enjoyment of driving and crashing offset it.
(out of 10)


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