Thursday, September 2

NBA Elite 11 Game Play Footage

I was going to give this game a chance, but this really isn't cutting it. Looks like XBLN will be going with 2k11 this year. This looks like EA should have done all of this with NBA Live 06 and built on it. It's going to be hard to make a whole new game mid-generation like this. But maybe in a year or two they can get the everything decent. The graphics need a major overhaul in this game. Though graphics mean nothing over gameplay, these look like Xbox 1 caliber graphics. Commentary is kind of bland and seems like the Madden commentary which is also bad. Seems to be a somewhat disappointing sports year for EA. NHL and FIFA are always the strong points for EA every year. Madden was decent for 09 and 10, 11 was sort of a step back. NCAA Football 11 was actually pretty good this year. Maybe next year EA for NBA Elite 12!



  1. This game is really really bad its 2k all the way


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