Sunday, January 11

NFL Picks: Divisional Round Results / Conference Round Picks

Hey everyone, this is Jerhawk back at the controls. My modem blew up last week, so I had no internet, but that's cool.

We're almost to the Super Bowl everyone, the best time of the year.

But before we get to the results from the Divisional Round of the playoffs, here's what went down in our BCS Picks that we had:

Virginia Tech over Cincinnati: Jerhawk, Stopable
USC over Penn State: Deus Legend, Flynn4DaWin, xSgt MeatLoafx
Utah over Alabama: Nobody
Texas over Ohio State: Jerhawk, Flynn4DaWin, xSgt MeatLoafx, Stopable
Florida over Oklahoma: Jerhawk, Flynn4DaWin, Stopable

The score results from the BCS picks:

T1.) Jerhawk / 3
T1.) Flynn4DaWin / 3
T1.) Stopable / 3
2.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 2
3.) Deus Legend / 1

Did not pick for BCS Games: JRC 865 / Finch865

Now back to the NFL. These are the standout picks from the divisional round:

-NOBODY picked the Arizona Cardinals, instead going with the Carolina Panthers, causing everyone to get that game WRONG.
-Jerhawk and JRC 865 were the ONLY people to get the Pittsburgh Steelers CORRECT.
-Jerhawk, Deus Legend and Stopable picked the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens together, and got them CORRECT.

The scores from our Divisional Round Picks. These games were worth 3 points each:

1.) Jerhawk / 9
T2.) Stopable / 6
T2.) Deus Legend / 6
3.) JRC 865 / 3
T4.) Flynn4DaWin / 0
T4.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 0

Did not pick: Finch865. That's right, Flynn and MeatLoaf managed to get all four games wrong. Kind of bad luck I guess. Sorry guys.

Here's our overall NFL Picks PowerRankings heading into the Conference Championship round:

1.) Jerhawk / 180
2.) Stopable / 171
3.) Deus Legend / 162
4.) xSgt MeatLoaf / 161
5.) Flynn4DaWin / 155
6.) JRC 865 / 143
7.) Finch865 / 85

Our Super Bowl picks have sure turned out to be pretty good I think, considering we made them all the way back in Week 10 (except for Stopable). Most of our teams that we picked made it to the playoffs, and two of them were eliminated by those deadly Arizona Cardinals. Will Stopable's Eagles be next?

Jerhawk: Baltimore Ravens / Still in (vs. Steelers)
Deus Legend: Atlanta Falcons / Eliminated in Wild Card by Cardinals
JRC 865: Tennessee Titans / Eliminated in Divisional by Ravens
Flynn4DaWin: Dallas Cowboys / Eliminated before playoffs
xSgt MeatLoafx: Carolina Panthers / Eliminated in Divisional by Cardinals
Stopable: Philadelphia Eagles / Still in (vs. Cardinals) (Only 1 point if Correct)

The Conference Championship matchups. These will now be worth 4 Points each:

Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Please have your picks in by Saturday night, since both games will be on Sunday. Good luck everyone, and have fun watching the games!


  1. I suggest that Stopable should pick all different games than I if he wants to catch up.


  2. This is Stopable and here are my picks
    all PA Super Bowl

  3. I sure hope it's not an all PA SuperBowl, lol.

  4. Philly

    Unfortunately, it just might be a Keystone State Super Bowl in the Sunshine State.

  5. I hate PITT and I hate PHILLY so I hope they both lose this week. I probably wouldn't even watch the Superbowl if both of those teams got in.


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