Tuesday, January 6

Gears of War 2 Patch Coming

There's no denying it, Gears of War 2's online multiplayer is less then perfect. Ever since Gears 2's launch, the community has been demanding a patch to fix the various (and numerous) game bugs. Finally, Epic Games is speaking out about the patch, what it'll fix and has even informed us that they expect the patch to release sometime this month.
Here are the Details:
  • Fixed invisible shield exploit.
  • Fixed melee through walls exploit.
  • Fixed infinite Lancer ammo exploit.
  • Fixed shield with two-handed weapon exploit.
  • Fixed bug where shotgun and boomshot shot into the ground when shooting from the hip.
  • Increased penalties for quitting matches early.
  • Additional spawn protection from grenades and chainsaw attacks.
  • View Submission flag carrier destination using Tac/Com.
  • Achievement progress numbers added to War Journal.
  • Client side shotgun hit detection improved resulting in more reliable data in high latency games.
  • Increased frequency of in-game Achievement tracker notifications.
  • New DLC based achievements.


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