Monday, December 1

The XBLN's NFL PowerRankings: Hosted by Jerhawk and Deus Legend

We're almost through 13 weeks in the 2008/09 NFL season, and let me tell you, Deus Legend and I are getting sick and tired of these so called "NFL Experts" on ESPN and other TV Networks. Here at The Xbox Live Network would like to voice our opinion, so here's our NFL PowerRankings.

Jerhawk's List:

1.) N.Y. Giants: This team is a true powerhouse, and they are playing as if every game is the Super Bowl. They have an amazing offense, a very fast and aggressive defense as well as solid special teams. They're still the champions, and they might just stay that way for the next year if they continue to run over the opposition.

2.) Tennessee Titans: True, they haven't beat anybody all that good, but they're still 11-1. A punishing defense and running game could be a serious problem for some of the other AFC teams in the playoffs, and bad weather games will play right into their style.

3.) Pittsburgh Steelers: They're right where they want to be, and the Steelers can always finish strong. Can Roethlisberger continue to take punishing hits and deliver in the post-season?

4.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Why does this team continue to get over looked? They're 9-3 in what could be the toughest division in the NFL, the NFC South. Jon Gruden is really doing a great job with this squad.

5.) Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco have led this under-rated team to a 8-4 record. The only thing missing from this team the past 8+ years have been an offense of any kind, and they might finally have that. This is another dangerous team to watch out for if they can get into the playoffs.

6.) Carolina Panthers: Another 9-3 team that nobody seems to talk about in the NFC South. Jake Delhomme is really showing how valuable he is to this team when he's healthy, as well as Steve Smith.

7.) Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning is really leading this team on his shoulders. This team won't go down without a fight, they just have to hope that Manning doesn't get hurt. The defense has held their own this season, which is a welcome sight.

8.) N.Y. Jets: Broadway Brett can really strut his stuff, and he's brought his show to the Big Apple and proved his doubters wrong. His departure from Green Bay could have ended his career ugly, but he hasn't dissapeared in New York like some expected. But why do people only talk about Brett Favre on this team, there's 52 other guys busting their butt's every game too.

9.) Atlanta Falcons: I don't think I've seen a 8-4 team in 3rd place in a division before, but that just proves how good the NFC South is. Mike Smith has really got this young team playing well, and Matt Ryan is showing why he got that hefty 6 year/ $34+ million contract, which made him the highest paid rookie in NFL history. People laughed at it, but the Falcons organization must've seen something special in him, and so far they've been right. If this team can make it to the playoffs, they could be quite the juggarnaut.

10.) Dallas Cowboys: They get all the hype, they get all the talent, they're getting the $1 billion stadium and they've got the cheerleaders. They're also 8-4 and looking to get into the playoffs. Can they come together as a team and make a final run?

11.) New England Patriots: Matt Cassell is doing an amazing job in replacing Tom Brady, and a lot of that credit has to go to Bill Bellicheck's coaching staff. They've really trained this young man into something special, but what's the bigger question in Boston: What seed will the Patriots get in the Playoffs this year, or, will Matt Cassell be a Patriot next season?

12.) Arizona Cardinals: The Eagles made the Cardinals into Turkeys on Thanksgiving Night, but this team is still a team to deal with now that they've guaranteed themselves a playoff spot. This team is amazing at home, but not so hot on the road. Can they get over their road-woes in the post-season?

13.) Denver Broncos: Jay Cuttler is having a solid season, he just needs to limit his mistakes. What happened to their once powerful running attack? Mike Shannahon must've thrown away all their running plays.

14.) Minnesota Vikings: Gus Frerotte may have saved Brad Childress' job for next season. The defense is playing some solid football, and Adrian Peterson is running like a man on fire. They just need to win more close games. Pretty simple.

15.) Washington Redskins: Jim Zorn is doing a great job after getting a Double-Promotion from Quarterback's Coach in Seattle to Offensive Coodinator to Head Coach in a matter of weeks. Jason Campbell is having a terrific season, they just need to find a way to win games, kind of like Minnesota.

16.) Miami Dolphins: They're 7-5 and looking for a late-season push. Tony Saprano = Tony Sparano. True gangsta!

17.) New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees is throwing the ball all over the place, but they just can't seem to get the tough wins.

18.) Philadelphia Eagles: If this team actually knew the rules to overtime, they wouldn't be fighting for their playoffs survival on a week to week basis. What a shame, and how embarassing. That's just un-acceptable in my opinion for the head coach and Q.B. of an NFL team to not know the rules to NFL overtime. I don't think I'll ever get over that one. Too bad I don't get paid millions of dollars to be a complete idiot. I get paid $8 per hour to bag groceries, but I sure don't bag laundry detergent with cheese. It's just that simple.

19.) Buffalo Bills: The season sure started promising, but everything is just kind of rolling downhill now. Can the Bills fight, or will they just miss wide right again?

20.) San Diego Chargers: Great team, but they let Ed Hocculi's Week 2 call ruin their season. They just haven't recovered after that blown call...

21.) Chicago Bears: Matt Forte is quite the young running back. Too bad the rest of the team can't play like him.

22.) Green Bay Packers: This team is another juggernaut. Aaron Rodgers could be the iron man of the year for showing so much toughness earlier this season. The key words for Packer fans to continually repeat to themselves: Next year.

23.) Jacksonville Jaguars: Geez, what happened? A 4-8 season could spell disaster for head coach Jack Del Rio. Disaster = FIRED!

24.) Cleveland Browns: The GM wants to threaten fans, Brady Quinn is out for the year, and frustration continues to rise in Cleveland. This should've been the year. But like always for Browns fans: Next year.

25.) San Francisco 49ers: Mike Singletary has done his best with this 4-8 team. But when he was told to de-brief the team at halftime, he took this literally by de-briefing himself and showing the rest of a team what a real man looks like. Too bad Mike Holmgren is going to replace him next season...

26.) Houston Texans: The mountain top is a long ways away, but if they continue to build a solid team, they can reach that moutain top with some hard work and patience.

27.) Oakland Raiders: They're a young team, but they just don't seem like they're all on the same page. Actually, they don't even seem like they're in the right playbook some of the times, and this goes all the way from the players to Al Davis. This team is a mess, and it probably won't get any better until Al Davis decides to sell the franchise.

28.) Kansas City Chiefs: Herman Edwards should be looking for a new coaching gig next season, as his time in Kansas City should be over at the end of this season.

29.) St. Louis Rams: This team is crumbling like the Berlin Wall. It's time to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

30.) Seattle Seahawks: As a proud member of the 12th Man, this season has been an embarassment. Yes, injuries have been ridiculous, but this team is underforming drastically, and if Mike Holmgren weren't already on his way out, he'd probably be fired. Now all Seahawks fans are wondering: Who will we pick in this years draft? Please, don't be Brian Bosworth or Rick Mirer! And don't pass on Tony Dorsett! Oh wait, they've already done that.

31.) Cincinnati Bengals: Well, there's not much good to say about this team. I guess jail time doesn't serve well on the playing field?

32.) Detroit Lions: I think I could do a better job in managing a franchise than the Ford family has done. And no, not a Franchise on Madden 09. But that's kind of how this team operates, like a video game. The Lions are a perfect example of what would happen to a team if people from the media were to take over an NFL Franchise. How pathetic.

Now it's Deus Legend's list:

Here is my list. It may not be like any other list found in the world. I didn't necessarily base it off of records.

1)      New York Giants- They are missing a few key players but they still are running the table for the best team in the league.
2)      Pittsburgh Steelers- Arguably the best team in the AFC right now. After the great defensive stand versus New England, it might be safe to crown this defense as the best in the league.
3)      Tennessee Titans- Given credit where due at 11-1 they are on their way get a first round bye but is this team ready for a tough team in the playoffs?
4)      Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I hate to put them this high but they are winning games and that’s all that matters in the NFL. With the Cadillac back who knows what to expect with this team.
5)      Baltimore Ravens- Rookie Joe Flacco is getting the job done as starter for the Ravens and Ray Lewis and the D are still strong.
6)      Atlanta Falcons- Practically a team of rookies gaining confidence and winning games. A division title is still in their hands, only they can determine their fate.
7)      Carolina Panthers- After losing to the Falcons and squeaking past Green Bay, this team has lost a lot of steam. Only time will tell before Steve Smith blows his lid.
8)      Dallas Cowboys- After a mid season fallout, the ‘boys are back in the hunt for the playoffs but with a tough schedule ahead and if they survive, then they deserve to be in the playoffs.
9)      New York Jets- Brett Favre has brought this team a long way to be in first place in the AFC East but losing to Denver dropped them a bit in this ranking.
10)  Indianapolis Colts- An ugly game versus the Browns was kind of a drag but hey, a win is a win.
11)  Arizona Cardinals- In a bad division in the NFC West can prove to be a bad thing for this team in the playoffs.
12)  New England Patriots- After being slaughtered by Pittsburgh, this is still a veteran team around Matt Cassell and they could back in to the wild card.
13)  Washington Redskins- This team holds their fate in their own hands. I’m not sure if this team is for real or not. I’ll let you know at the end of the season.
14)  Minnesota Vikings Yeah they are currently winning the NFC North but the war is not over just yet with the Bears and Packers.
15)  Miami Dolphins- The bad year they had last year is behind them. This team may not make the playoffs but they should feel good they have overachieved past everyones expectations.
16)  Chicago Bears- They still can make a run for the division but it won’t be pretty.
17)  New Orleans Saints- One of the favorites to win the NFC South this year. Now they are seeing their playoff hopes fade slowly away. Will they play spoiler for Atlanta next week?
18)  Denver Broncos- They may very well win this division but some competition would have given this team a little more merit.
19)  Philadelphia Eagles- The tie in their record and how they got it is in everyones mind still. They beat the Cards and that should be all they do for the rest of the year.
20)  Green Bay Packers- After a tough home lost to the Panthers that they should have won. They still may have a chance for the division crown however.
21)  Buffalo Bills- Could of, should of, but didn’t. Almost an early season powerhouse is now in the doghouse of the AFC East.
22)  Jacksonville Jaguars- One of the most disappointing teams this year that can’t wait till the season is over.
23)  San Diego Chargers- Norv Turner why are you here? Another team that can’t wait for the season to end.
24)  San Francisco 49ers- They have had a few close games this year but they need a lot of help to become an average team.
25)  Houston Texans- Who knows what could have been with this team. Injuries slowed them down a bit.
26)  Cleveland Browns- That 10-6 record from last year was so long ago for this team. Expect some major chances in the offseason.
27)  Seattle Seahawks- They are having a tough year with some injuries but some players have returned and the same results of losing. It’s hard seeing that it could get better with Jim Mora next year.
28)  Oakland Raiders- Western teams are in the gutter this year. This team is a mess like the others. Just wonder which one of these western team can emerge?
29)  St Louis Rams- They put up some fight against the Dolphins but if I was the owner I would give Jim Haslett a fair chance to coach this team next year.
30)  Kansas City Chiefs- Yeah they beat the Raiders but this is as close as a college team as you can get in the NFL.
31)  Cincinnati Bengals- Was there anything good from this team ever? How embarrassing for the city.
32)  Detroit Lions- Who should get bailed out first, the Lions or Ford?(Sort of an old joke now I know)


  1. Good solid rankings. I still believe when it is all said and done we will be number 1. We are like last years NYG in the sense that we started off a little slow but we are starting to peak at the right time. On the flip side they are like us last year and they could be overconfident heading into the playoffs like we were. How ironic would it be if we beat them this year in the playoffs. My main beef with the rankings is having tampa ahead of dallas when they couldn't beat a Dallas team missing Romo and other key players.

  2. I know it won't happen but it wouldn't it make sense if Dallas was in the Nfc South and Carolina was in the Nfc East.

  3. Anyone else think D-Ware is the best defensive player in the NFL?I would even go one step further and say he is a TOP 10 PLAYER overall.

  4. Nice work with the rankings fellas.

  5. D-ware is good, but didn't he get hurt Thursday? About Tampa being high, I don't think they will be as high in the end trust me. Its just a matter of time for both Tampa and Carolina. Both teams have not played that spectacular and both barely beat the likes of Detroit,Oakland, and Kansas City. I believe either Carolina or Tampa would drop out of the playoffs. And the Cowboys have to make the playoffs to have a shot at being number one.

  6. D-Ware got hurt but he should be okay for the game Sunday. I know we got to make the playoffs and I think we will. At this point in time if we win out(12-4) we will make it. If we lose one and go 11-5 I think we will make it. If we lose two and go 10-6 we won't. I'm confident in my boys to win out though.

  7. Its going to be hard with their remaining schedule but if they do make the playoffs, they deserve to be in.


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