Monday, January 3

NFL Picks: Week 17 Results / Wild Card Picks

Welcome back to NFL Picks. The regular season is in the books, with the post-season still ahead of us.

Here were the standout picks from Week 17:

  • Everyone got Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, New England and Houston correct.
  • Everyone got Kansas City wrong.
  • Deus Legend was the only one to get the Carolina Panthers wrong in his 2-point conversion.
  • Stopable was the only one to choose the Buffalo Bills incorrectly.
  • Jerhawk was the only one to choose Cincinnati incorrectly in a 2-point conversion.
  • ScottRocketOrian was the only one to choose the Seahawks and got it correct.
The only successful 2-point conversion this week was Tampa Bay over New Orleans. Jerhawk was the only one to get this game.

The results from Week 17 alone:

T1.) Deus Legend / 12
T1.) BlazenHawks / 12
3.) Stopable / 11
4.) ScottRocketOrian / 10
5.) Jerhawk / 9

Here's the results from those divisional winner picks we made at the beginning of the season. The names listed are for those who got that division correct and received 3 points:

NFC West (Seahawks): Dakota 2147, ScottRocketOrian
NFC North (Chicago): N/A
NFC South (Atlanta): Jerhawk, Deus Legend, BlazenHawks, lakerbrim
NFC East (Philadelphia): N/A
AFC West (Kansas City): N/A
AFC North (Pittsburgh): Dakota 2147
AFC South (Indianapolis): Jerhawk, Deus Legend, BlazenHawks, Stopable, Dakota 2147, ScottRocketOrian, lakerbrim
AFC East (New England): Jerhawk, Deus Legend, BlazenHawks, lakerbrim

Now for our overall standings, including the divisional bonus points, presented this week by the Home Depot:

1.) Jerhawk / 164
2.) BlazenHawks / 160
3.) Deus Legend / 159
4.) Stopable / 155
5.) ScottRocketOrian / 143
6.) JohnnyX77 / 129
7.) Dakota 2147 / 98
8.) x SeanZ x / 45
9.) lakerbrim / 17

Here's the Wild Card round schedule. These games are all worth 2 points each. Please have your picks in prior to the kickoff of the particular game you're choosing for:

Saints @ Seahawks (Saturday afternoon)

N.Y. Jets @ Colts (Saturday evening)

Ravens @ Chiefs

Packers @ Eagles

Finally, here's a great amateur video starring our friend JohnnyX77 inside my Safeway grocery store that I work at. Enjoy!


  1. My wild card picks:

    New Orleans
    N.Y. Jets
    Green Bay

  2. saints

    I was real happy getting that invite!!

  3. This is ScottRocketOrian. Here's my Wildcard picks

    Kansas City
    Green Bay

  4. Here are my picks


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