Stokedend's Bio

Xbox Gamertag: StokedEnd
Twitter: @StokedEnd

Hiya there gamers, How's it goin it's yo boy Stokedend A.k.a SpiTz4DayZ, A.k.a The Nips Master comin at cha Live... "Wait what do you mean I'm not Live right now.... What do you mean this is just a bio description... why can't I eat waffles while I do this???" . sigh :'(. Anyways it's ya boy coming at you with the 411. I'm an all around chill gamer that tends to rage for time to time. My hobbies include: Gaming, Origami paper art, hair styling, and landscaping. My favorite colors are black, blue, and orange, but the color pink is the all time king. (I'm not gay or anything its just a strong color in my opinion. My favorite games are, Terraria, Gears of War 3 (hopefully Gow 4 if it's good) Ark: Survival Evolved and the Halo series that we're made by Bungie. I have nothing against 343 Industries', I just can't get into the requisition systems or the micro transactions behind them. I don't really console war because I'm a hardcore gamer I like games regardless of system preferences. The main reason why I play on Xbox console is because Halo: Combat Evolved is what hooked me. Don't get me wrong though, Kingdom Hearts 3 is gonna be the Shit. "Haha-hahahahaha" well that about wraps this up if you wanna follow me and see what kind of awesome clips I make in the Upload Studio be sure to add my gamer profile. I'm tryna get into the habit of making clips weekly some with music and others with live commentary.


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