Thursday, August 23

NFL Picks: Season 5 Registration

Hello everyone, and welcome back to NFL Picks. This is a post to register for our exciting fifth season.
If you're interested in joining this season of NFL Picks, please post a comment on this post with your Xbox Live gamertag or whatever name you want to go by. Most of our usual participants are familiar with the rules, but for those of you who are new, this is the system that I use:

  • Each game is worth one point. If you pick the winning team correctly, you will receive one point.
  • Bonus points are available throughout the season, especially at the beginning where we pick division winners and make our Super Bowl prediction.
  • You will post your picks as a comment on the appropriate blog post. Please have your picks in prior to the kickoff of the particular game you're choosing for.
  • The person who ends up with the most amount of points at the end of the season wins.
  • Have fun!
So, if you're interested, please post a comment on this post with your Xbox Live gamertag or a name to go by. Also, it's FREE. That's right folks! It's FREE TO PLAY! 
Thank you! Continue reading for changes I have made for our fifth season:

Backed by popular demand this season, we will be extending our 2 point conversion games. Rather than beginning in Week 10, where I would select four or five of the most lop-sided games according to Las Vegas point spreads, we will begin the 2 point conversion games in Week 5 this season.
This season when we are picking our division winners, we will also pick our four Wild Card teams, which will be worth a certain amount of points TBA.
Also, the prizes will be changed. First place will receive 1600 Microsoft Points, and 2nd place will get 1 free month of Xbox Live.


  1. I'm Jerhawk, and I approve this message. Registering for NFL Picks

  2. Deus Legend will win again. Just send me the code now!!!

  3. JohnnyX says: yeah yeah.... im in too

  4. Antman0317 I'M READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I guess I'll play, lol! My GT is el bos


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