Monday, July 9

Halo 2 Remake in the Works?

 New rumor suggests 343 Industries following up last years Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary with a Halo 2 remake.

If a rumor proves accurate, Microsoft and its new Halo team 343 Industries, are at work on a high-definition remake of 2004's original Xbox game Halo 2. The rumors section of the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine UK (via Kotaku) dropped the details.
"Following the success of remake Halo Anniversary, 343 Industries has now started development of Halo 2 Anniversary," the magazine writes, without specifying its source.

XBLN Note: The one thing to wonder about this is how they will handle the multiplayer? Will they simply re-release the maps from Halo 2 as a map pack for Halo 4 or will they retain the original Halo 2 multiplayer? We would guess that this would come next year as Halo 4 comes out this year. Could also possibly end up as a Next Xbox release title. Time will tell. 


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