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NBA 2k11 Review


NBA 2K11 is a love letter to basketball fans. If you don't follow hoops, a lot of the subtleties will be lost on you. And if you are looking for a loose, fun, crazy dunkfest experience like NBA Jam, you're going to get hosed. But if you are serious about basketball, this will fill a long-standing void in your hoops-loving heart. This is the NBA. No one else has come close to representing it in such great and accurate detail as this.
Honestly, the stuff with Michael Jordan is reason enough to pick up NBA 2K11. The fact that 2K Sports did so much more with this game and improved it so greatly over last year's title is stunning. This isn't just the best basketball game ever; it's the best sports game of this generation.

IGN Ratings for NBA 2K11 (X360)
Rating Description
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10 Presentation
Unparalleled recreation of the NBA. The Jordan Challenges bring historic moments to life with incredible detail. Pure awesome.
8.5 Graphics
Great animations, it runs smoothly in every mode, and many of the player faces look solid. A definite ding for botching Kobe and a few other stars.
9.0 Sound
The custom commentary for the Jordan games is fantastic. Even regular season games are solid, though there's some repetitive dialogue. The soundtrack is sweet.
9.0 Gameplay
Just about nailed it perfectly. A few bugs and AI blips, plus an overly aggressive defense are the only issues.
10 Lasting Appeal
The Jordan stuff could be a game in itself. Then you get an awesome franchise mode, the slow, but rewarding My Player mode and solid online play.
(out of 10)


  1. wow 9.5 i can't wait for this game to come out

  2. this sounds promising. and i personally don't mind the My Player mode taking forever to get your guy up to being an allstar. I think that's what makes this mode fun


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