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Around the Hawk: Madden '11 Patch Details

Jerhawk's take: At least this is a step in the right direction. Ian and the team are listening to the complaints out there, and I'm sure there's a lot of them. Rightfully so. There are several issues with this game, and this patch seems to address the majority of them. Here's the official link.

Quick update for Madden fans

by Ian Cummings 08/21/10 10:41 AM

First off, you may or may not have noticed some news that was recently propped to your consoles regarding online quitters. The number one issue that we heard loud and clear out of the community was that rampant quitting had become a major problem in the online experience, both in ranked games and Madden Ultimate Team games. Well we were able to work on this over the last week and then deploy some quick fixes to the server to help deter this practice. The fixes were as follows:
1. Any quitter / disconnecter in a ranked game will automatically be given a loss. The victim will automatically be given a win.
2. We are currently monitoring the leaderboards and planning on zero’ing out the stats of any accounts found to be using quitting tactics (via high DNF / win percentages and game logs). This monitoring will be standard practice moving forward as well, as we have built in notifications to our server team that will automatically zero out any folks caught “boosting”, or using one account to quit immediately and award a win.
3. In a Madden Ultimate Team game, a person quitting will have a game burned off of his contracts for the players in the game to discourage this practice. The victim will always receive coins, prorated based on the percentage complete of the game (i.e. if it’s the 1st quarter, he’ll only get ¼ of the coins he would have gotten if he were to finish, if it’s at the end of the game, he’ll get ~90%, etc). The same note applies as above on anyone caught “boosting” after this fix is rolled out – they will be punished with bans, contract removals, or any other tactics we see fit.
4. We also found an issue where PDLC OTP boosts were being subtracted incorrectly. Anyone that had this happen has had their boost coin purchase refunded.
One thing I should note is that there is a bit of a trade-off with stats with the auto-loss / auto-win implementation. Since we wanted to roll this out as quickly as possible, there is one thing to be aware of in that average stats will take a hit when a quit occurs. What I mean by this is that if you have played 3 games and are averaging 100 rush yards per game, if a quit occurs, your rush average will drop down to 75 since you have a 4th game with zero stats. We will look into addressing this down the line but we wanted to get the fix out for the quitters as soon as possible.
Moving forward, we are working on addressing some of the most common feedback in upcoming title updates. You all already know that we are planning on releasing an update to enable old-school pre-play controls right around the start of the NFL season, which also will include the brand new Madden Moments LIVE feature where you can replay the top games from each week. In that update we will also have numerous art, gameplay, and stability fixes included as well. Along with that, we have also planned a second update to come towards the end of September. Below is a list of the top priority issues we seem to be hearing the most about that we are looking at:
- Fixing a bug to allow friend invites to ranked games
- Generally making pass defense more effective
- Reducing number of broken tackles
- Fixing user blitz exploit(s)
- Tuning injuries
- Tuning CPU & GameFlow play-calling logic
- Improving play action blocking
- Improving kick return blocking
- Improving online connectivity issues with kick meter lag, media streaming, etc.
- Random stability improvements
Hopefully this should give you a glimpse of our current priorities and our continued commitment to keeping Madden NFL 11 relevant and giving you an enjoyable experience over the entire year. We continue to listen for any and all top issues, and the list above is by no means all inclusive or locked so feel free to drop by the EA Forums to provide any feedback on things you want fixed.
Lastly, thanks to all of you for buying and playing Madden NFL 11…see you on the gridiron!


  1. We'll see if the patch helps. As of right now, this might be the first Madden I ever traded in.

  2. Yeah, this is not the Madden for hardcore fans like us.

  3. Yeah I'm a hardcore madden fan since the sega genesis days. This Version of Madden is the worst. The Defense is terrible, You have average backs an wr breaking multiple tackles!!! When Ray Lewis or any other elite defender makes a tackle someone like Desean Jackson shouldn't be able to break the tackle!!


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