Wednesday, June 2

NBA Elite 11 News

EA is going to rebrand the old NBA Live Franchise with NBA Elite. Currently only in development for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the new physics system means that players can now move around the court independently without being tied to another player. There's also going to be a new skill-driven shooting system that will require "accurate user input" and have its success tied into player orientation on the court -- no longer will there be "random dice rolls" to determine successful shooting. Finally, EA details a new "Hands-On" control scheme, which promises 1:1 movement, doing away with those long, annoying animations of the past.

“NBA ELITE 11 will give gamers the same skill set that a pro basketball player has at his disposal,” said David Littman, Creative Director, NBA ELITE 11. “This is the first basketball simulation videogame where you are controlling every movement, dribble move, shot, dunk, lay-up, steal and block in real time with one-to-one control. You’re no longer going to push a button and watch the computer generate a long animation sequence. It is like being on a basketball court with an amazing set of skills. This is going to change what people have come to expect from a basketball simulation videogame.”


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