Tuesday, March 23

Around the Hawk: More You-Tube stuff

The following videos are my reactions to the NBA 2K10 My Player mode. You may also relate to this video after playing the game for countless hours and realizing that your career has been glitched. For me, this was the moment where BlazenHawks informed me that after you're sent back down to the D-League, you're stuck there forever.

So, after that moment I went back and downloaded the NBA 2K10 Draft Combine from the marketplace. After playing another 30+ hours playing through an entire NBA season, the game glitched on me again after I went back to the dashboard in the team-select screen. I was beginning to panic...

BlazenHawks has also had the same difficulty with the game. But after trying to play in the My Crew game mode last night as well as a simple My Player Pick-up game and having no games successfully start due to "network problems," Jerhawk finally snapped.

Here's that stupid History final project I was a part of that Stopable wanted to see. I'm Norman As-Sing.


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