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Saturday, July 25

XBLN Expanding as a Brand

As XBLN move forward in the future, we have decided to make further changes to our Twitch channel arrangements. In the past, you all would see us live on XBLNetwork on Twitch. We are announcing that we are changing our old "team" stream model. Instead of watching our team all on one channel, we will be expanding XBLN as a brand used across multiple channels. The XBLN Twitch channel we believe created an issue where the streamer had a limit range they can operate in. With our staff operating their own channels fulltime, it will give them more options on how they want to deliver content to the viewers. The streamers will feature content from XBLN on their channel so you can still tune in to each streamers channel to catch all the latest games and community games we always delivered. XBLN will operate as a brand to sponsor and promote our streamers in their quest to deliver you all quality content. Legacy XBLN programs like your Twitch subscription length and MyPoints will still be safe and contained on the DeusXBLN channel. You will have the opportunity to double dip on our current programs, like if you have a 12 month sub to multiple channels, the benefits will count for each channel you sub to. MyPoints are currently only available on the DeusXBLN channel. Our other streamers will curate their own programs for their channels in the future. So with that, we hope that you all enjoy the changes to XBLN, be sure to check out our streamers channel below and give them the support they deserve!

Friday, June 5

XBLN Next!

It has been a while since we have added new members to our team and now we are opening the door as we look for the next generation of streamers! We are looking for Xbox streamers to stream to our Twitch channel. We prefer if you have a capture card and pc to stream with. We have mostly moved away from using the native console streaming apps to improve our stream quality. Also must be 18+ years of age as well. We also prefer if you love to play indie games on Xbox. Once you are settled on the team, you will be given access to play almost every game available on Xbox. If steam or PS4 or Switch is your thing, we can arrange to get those games as well. To apply, send us an email to xbln@xboxlivenetwork.com with your details. If you have your own channel up and running, send us a link so we can check out your VOD's and see you live as well. Are you the brightest and are an up and coming streamer? Apply and join our team today! This is a voluntary position as you will serve an awesome gaming community!