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Friday, September 22

The Coma: Recut Review

Who hasn't dreamed that the school or institute appeared some morning, collapsed or burned? Hating attending class is almost intrinsic in the DNA of a high percentage of students. But of course, if a catastrophe happens in the building, one always expects to be as far as possible. And all this leads us to meet Youngho, the protagonist of the game at hand, The Coma: Recut. Youngho is a young Korean of age to kneel elbows that, as seems habitual in him, arrives late to the institute. When he arrives, he finds an ambulance at the door. Something tragic has happened in class, something that seems to augur events.

But the day passes normally. We meet again with mates and with Miss Song, a teacher with a tippin for whom she seems to have been hired to educate the hormones of the male students rather than to her neurons. And, like the one who doesn't want the thing, we will occupy our desk until Youngho's eyelids end up winning the battle until plunging into a deep sleep. But he will awaken very soon, and he will do so immersed in what seems to be a dark dimension, a sinister duplicate of the institute in which blood and strange noises rule the halls.

DreamBreak Review

It's easy to find games that are designed with a pixelated style, as was the case of Party Hard - the game engine looks the same -, and it's even more difficult to take advantage of this type of games that offer it's disadvantages when it comes to gameplay. DreamBreak breaks all schemes to bring variety and originality in a world of futuristic touch in a fictitious Soviet Union. You know how these Russians are, they are capable of surprises, even in videogames.

Tuesday, September 19

Maize Review

Maize comes hand in hand with Finish Line Games, an indie studio located in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2013 by a veteran developer group, they just released Maize on our beloved Xbox. How did they do it? Let's analyze it.

Monday, September 18

Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 1 "Enigma" Review

Telltale Games has already made clear to me over the years, that they have no intention of abandoning the formula of success they found with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, so I am sure that it will still have to be a long time before they decide to change it or to evolve it in any meaningful way, a decision that is taking it's toll on studio productions little by little, feeling increasingly stagnant and less brilliant.

Thursday, September 14

Redout: Lightspeed Edition Review

Originally released on PC a year ago, it now comes to consoles under the name Redout: Lightspeed Edition with downloadable content released in recent months with new circuits, events, equipment and vinyls. His campaign, a succession of races alternating modes that can take 10 hours, shows that Redout follows the usual steps of this sub-genre of driving.

We control a vehicle that floats and therefore behaves in a different way to a vehicle with good traction. After a curve, corrections are necessary to take the center of the track and not to touch the physical limits of the road, something that will dangerously descend the integrity of the ship - to return to the race we lose a valuable seconds.

Wednesday, September 6

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 1 Review

The story of Max and Chloe, the protagonists of the 2015 title, ended in different ways depending on the decisions made at the end of the last chapter, but still, Square Enix announced that the franchise would not have ended there, and that the second season would come at some point. And even if you think that the moment has arrived, I will tell you that it isn't so. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prelude to the events that took place in the first game. Deck Nine's team has been at the forefront of the development of this prequel, starring the stubborn Chloe, in an Arcadia Bay that is getting harder and harder without the support of her friend Max who recently moved to Seattle.

Monday, September 4

Killing Floor 2 Review

If you don't know Killing Floor 2, surely with these references you get a quick idea. Mix Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty zombie mode with double ration of blood and you will have something very similar to the creation of Tripwire. Although, you can play offline, it's an eminently multiplayer title, on medium-sized maps in which you will face your enemies by waves, until you reach the last. It's great, but by now it's not as unique as it used to be. I go to tell you that it has special...

Saturday, September 2

Circuit Breakers Review

Circuit Breakers is a game with well thought-out ideas, but struggles in the long-term as it only has arcade and challenge modes. The game features pixel-art graphics that actually look nice and well-defined over the typical high-tech industrial background. Different characters all play fairly differently, although the difference is just the guns the characters have. The difficulty also seems to be insanely high as nobody has been able to get more than 195 gamerscore despite the game being out for over half of a month.

Friday, August 25

XBLN Championship Series Returns!

XBLN Championship Series originally ran on XBLN back in 2008-2009 with NCAA Football 2008, Madden NFL 09 and NCAA Football 2010. We had many community and staff members participate in our sports leagues. Today, we are looking to bring this back!

We will begin the new XBLNCS with Madden NFL 18 and hope to expand it to NBA 2K18 and potentially other sports titles as well. We will award the league champion every season with prizes including Xbox One games and giftcards. If you would like to join, either post a comment on this article or join us in the Discord! Check after the break for more about our league and the rules(TBD).

Here is the direct link to XBLNCS

Thursday, August 24

Thumper Review

In recent years, and with the inclusion of Virtual Reality, it seems that such games have found an ally in musicality, giving great titles like Fez or the resurrected Polybus. Also in this current is comprised Thumper, developed by the study DROOL, composed by two Americans, a musician and a programmer, who have allied to give us the music video game darker and purely lovecraftian that we will see in our consoles. Enter into the madness!

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review

When it comes to insulting, language makes it easy for us, with a few combinations of words and disqualification, to blush our opponent. The insult is language in it's most democratic state, we can all do it, but only a few can master it. Easy to play, hard to master, they would say. And is that the great masters of insult have gone down in history because of the elaborate of their affronts against their opponents.

Like Joan Croawford and his endearing feud with Bette Davis, or our dear Guybrush Threepwood able to glue the glue. One could not therefore expect a simulator to crystallize this dialectical art to turn it into a simulator where English gentlemen came to good and who drink a lot of tea face each other to see who says it fatter. Oh, sir ... The Insult Simulator.