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Thursday, December 7

Rememoried Review

It's not easy to explain such an intense and varied experience. The world of dreams, the oneiric universe, is a mystery that we walk individually but that we never get to understand. There we find voices, impossible figures, fragments of memories that assail our mind ... all in a magical scenario that escapes our understanding but that we travel until awakening

And if you do not wake up? You could walk infinitely and understand everything that is there, all the opportunities there are. Rememoried then appears as an opportunity to explore that prison that is not such a trip.

Wednesday, December 6

Oh My Godheads Review

Oh My Godheads is a game created by a small company called Titutitech created in 2014 in Barcelona that sought support in Steam Greenlight, and Square Enix Collective received them with open arms, thanks to the good reviews reaped on this platform, on november 2, they announced the launch of their game to Xbox One and many of us were looking forward to this promising game of competitive gaming.

Tuesday, December 5

SOMA Review

Frictional Games has made a name for itself in the video game industry. And is not for less. After three episodes of Penumbra (PC), the Swedish studio managed to redefine the horror genre with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a game that, with a budget just enough managed to inspire authentic Triple A years later. Since 2010, Frictional Games has been working on SOMA, and finally this project awaits us, after several years in PC, to our xbox one, a game that totally changes the setting but not mechanics.

Sunday, December 3

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - Episode 5 Review

Telltale Games is in a delicate situation. To the laureate study, the hen of the golden eggs has been fed up. Their titles are less and less successful, and they have been forced to dismiss a large part of their workforce. His time seems to have passed, consummated by the over exploitation of an idea that at the time became very attractive, but that today, looks completely out of time. Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series there are no important elements, returning certain phases of exploration and puzzles - limited, but grateful - to their interactive narrations wrapped in the guise of a graphic adventure. But has he achieved his adaptation of Marvel, redeeming the many sins and mistakes that have been brewing in recent years in his breast?

Tuesday, November 28

25 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

With the spirit of Christmas among us, we will giveaway games for 25 straight days leading up to Christmas. We will begin the giveaways on November 30th with the first winner being drawn midnight ET December 1st! A new winner will be selected daily and you can choose a game from our list below. Our Twitch subs will have increased chances at winning. It is possible for the same person to win multiple times as well during this giveaway! Stay on the lookout as we add additional entry options to the giveaway for more chances at winning. 50 games are in our list to choose from!

Black Mirror Review

Intrigue, a curse, an old mansion and family secrets are the idyllic setting for a graphic adventure set in a remote location in Scotland during 1926. No, despite sharing a name, THQ Nordic's Black Mirror has nothing to do with the series of science fiction currently produced by Netflix, but yes with the trilogy The Black Mirror of Future Games that debuted in 2003. The new delivery by KING Art is a reboot, not a faithful remake, which shares background and starting point.

Monday, November 27

Outcast - Second Contact Review

It was a video game ahead of it's time; a masterpiece that laid the foundations for a new way of understanding action adventures ... and yet it did not triumph. Fortunately, the classic of Appeal comes back to life, almost 20 years later, with a remastering that meets the minimum but leaves a bittersweet taste.

99Vidas Review

With the help of the Brazilian studio QUByte Interactive, 99Vidas arrives, a videogame of the Beat 'em Up genre that, after its passage through PC, arrives at Xbox One with the intentions that you will crush the buttons of the control until you are tired, and enjoy of a tribute to the era of 8 and 16 bits with its careful graphic and sound. The title also has a multiplayer mode both local and online that helps recreate the feeling of playing again classic action games like Battletoads or Streets of Rage.

Mystik Belle Review

Mystik Belle's story puts you in the shoes of Belle MacFae, a student at Hagmore College of Sorcery, who was practicing a spell of fire on the night she was startled by an unknown individual, causing the potion of the Walpurgis night to spoil. That is why you will have to go through all the places of the school (catacombs, laboratories, the forest ..) and face different enemies and bosses in order to fulfill your mission and that a tragedy doesn't occur.

 You are going to find a simple story but with pretty funny dialogues that will liven up the game. In addition, the game has two endings that will depend on obtaining all the parchments of arcane knowledge. It's not that the end differed much but it is worth getting them all to see a fairly epic combat.

Wednesday, November 22

Road Rage Review

There are good, bad and games, there always have been and always will be. But believe me, that with Road Rage, the new creation of Team 6, it almost opens a new category: the horrible games. I feel tremendous respect for any worker, whatever the specialty, and more so if it is related to this sector. But not to say that this new production Xbox One is deficient in all it's aspects would be lying.

Sunday, November 19

Ben 10 Review

It seems that it was yesterday when he burst onto the small screen of millions of homes across the planet, but it turns out that it's been a whopping twelve years since the birth of Ben 10. Since then, the character and his related series have not evolved much, although yes, it has been staged in terms of animation techniques. In 2016, Cartoon Network premiered the new series with a more casual tone and in this 2017, it's second season was broadcast, and it is on this last series that inspires the game that concerns me today.

Now, with the character in low hours, it seems that the children's television chain tries to revive the series at all costs with the facelift of the new series, with a new batch of merchandising products and, how could it be otherwise, with a new game that takes the title Ben 10. The show begins with the young protagonist going camping with his cousin Gwen and his grandfather Max. However, the excursion is not going to focus on toasting little marshmallows in the fire of a bonfire or going to bathe in a celestial lake, but they will have to deal with hordes of villains with dark intentions. And a little more interesting is the script, which only serves as a trigger and motor for Ben and his alien friends to move forward and not leave aside the fight against evil.